“If transgender tells you what I am not, then what am I”

What an interesting premise, worth contemplating for a time.

While many denounce labels I like them. Labeling myself however I choose tells people how I see myself. Learning how people label me gives me an idea how I am perceived and how people think. Learning how am perceived or how they think gives me chance to express to them a different way of accessing who I am or how I maneuver our mutual spaces. Also it gives me chance to access myself as I need to sometimes or many times adjust how I am labeling myself, the other person or the situation.

Does the term transgender link to my past or tells the world what I am not? The easy answer is yes and to me it tells the world how I label myself currently. Your premise has me rethinking how the label I choose to identify with shapes how I see myself and how I move from space to space.

Thank you for your thoughts and insight

Trans Woman living life as it comes. Reader, writer and teller of stories.